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Stucco Inspection

Stucco is a popular exterior finish for many homeowners. It has a pleasing, uniform appearance and lends itself well to many colors and styles, accounting for its popularity as a building material in many architectural styles. /p>

Due to years of exposure to the elements and harsh climates, stucco is prone to various problems including cracking, staining, and improper flashing. If this is the case, stucco repairs or replacements may be required.

When in doubt, consult the professionals at Safety Net Home Inspections LLC. As industry-leading home inspectors, we provide diligent, comprehensive stucco inspections and expert evaluations.

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Prompt, Dependable Stucco Inspection for Your Home

There are many advantages to stucco as a residential building material. It is aesthetically versatile and can be tinted to any desired shade. It can also be textured to a variety of styles and designs. Relative to other building materials, stucco is inexpensive and with proper maintenance can last up to 50 years or more.

However, owners of stucco will require repairs or refinishes at some point. Expansion and contraction due to climate, and regular exposure to moisture, can affect the integrity as well as the appearance of stucco. To know how best to proceed with stucco maintenance, our professional home inspectors provide highly detailed stucco inspections.

Using both proven traditional methods and state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we provide structural and moisture inspections of stucco facades. Our highly diligent staff leave no detail overlooked, and we expertly advise the best course of action.

To learn more about our stucco inspection services, reach out to one of our inspectors today.

State-of-The-Art Techniques and Methods for Precise, Meticulous Stucco Inspections

To perform the highest quality of stucco inspections, we employ innovative materials and devices for more accurate assessments than ever before. Our range of dependable equipment includes infrared thermography for thermal imaging, digital telephoto camera lenses, radon testing, and others.

Stucco inspections are generally divided into three primary phases: The first is a preliminary visual evaluation, during which our inspectors observe for signs of staining, cracking, and general appearance. The second is invasive moisture probe testing, calculating the amount of moisture within the stucco walls. Finally, we perform destructive testing, measuring the strength and structural integrity of the stucco.

Our services will leave you better informed on the state and condition of your stucco.

Home Inspectors with Extensive Qualifications and Experience

We are a team of highly dependable home inspectors with a broad range of specialties. We work alongside other professionals, including contractors, real estate agents, and other home service professionals.

Our staff is fully licensed and bonded to perform outstanding services, and we are committed to serving each homeowner accurately and thoroughly.

Maintain Your Home’s Facade with Regular Stucco Inspections

If your home is built from stucco and you are wondering whether and when stucco maintenance will be required, consult the experts at Safety Net Home Inspections LLC.

Our services will expertly assess and measure the condition of your stucco, giving you a precise outlook on repairs or replacements.

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